[s-cars] Larger Intercooler ~ front mount GP (sort of) interest

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Fri Apr 11 21:34:46 EDT 2003

And a very good choice it is in its own right Bruce.  To each his or her

FWIW, one of the FMIC prototypes has been plumbed with four (4) 1/4tr inch
npt threaded mounts, two on the inlet side, two at the outlet to which one
could affix things like water injectors; + a pair of the Davtron
thermocouples or two pressure readouts.  That is if one were so inclined.

Joe P as for the benefits of doubling up, I'm not sure you realize much
gain.  I suspect each technology might only be good for removing its
respective % of what ever the 1st cooling method left over.  i.e. A 70%
efficient cooler leaves only 30% of the residual heat for the next 70%
method to attack.  70% of the 1st 30% starts to get pretty small.  70% of
the first 100 degrees nets you a 70 degree temperature drop right.  70% of
the 30 degrees left over only gets you another 21 F.  But then again, .....
are you a belt & suspenders man Joe, or just belt or suspenders?  I think
with both, you could always convert the Water injection system to an oil
sprayer a la Bond, James Bond.

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~I place my admittedly biased budget conscious vote in favor of water
~injection. :)

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