[s-cars] Larger Intercooler ~ front mount GP (sort of) interest

mlp qwest mlped at qwest.net
Sat Apr 12 07:37:42 EDT 2003

Come on Sandy, I think it should be obvious by now Bruce is all wet.
For god's sake, Sandy take back your mind man!  :-)

On a more serious note, the stock IC, wet or not, is um, well still the
stock IC nest pas?  Designed & constructed by Helmut und Klaus mit Fritz to
efficiently accommodate and flow ??? 227 bhp in stock form and then,
perhaps, some unknown quantity more of cfm.  I submit, but admittedly
without any "real" data to back it up, the FMIC proposals are more than
thermal control modifiers.  They are also, potentially, pressure modifiers

At some point, humid air or not, Hap's Mr. Nasty, you know the fellow he
used to keep in his trunk and now uses to suck up small animals and children
along the side of the road who don't listen to their mothers about Negative
Boost, and Mr. Nasty's sylvet, red lipped, siren sidekick, at least a strong
"C" maybe a double D cup unmarried traveling companion, Ms. RAIS, may rear
their ugly heads in YOUR neighborhood.

When or where, I do not know.
Maybe only a dyno knows ....


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~On Behalf Of Sandy Sligh
~I agree with Bruce. WI > FMIC. Of course, Bruce is
~using the S4 to control my thoughts somehow.
~However, less $$$, less labor to install and i
~*believe* the new 2D setup from Aquamist has
~everything you need plus the signal amp and high speed
~valve. In addition, i think the signal amp has a low
~fluid detection circuit that can be used to trip an
~alarm or to dial back the boost or what have you.
~And most importantly, results. I like the idea of
~running at full boost on 93 octane.
~my $0.02
~Sandy Sligh

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