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> Says they will only allow test drives if you're going to buy the car-
> WTF? I told them I'd only buy the car after a test-drive, otherwise
> I'd go get a S4tt and put RS4 turbos on it for the same money.
> I'm going to try another dealership next week.

They see you coming a mile away. I had the same thing with a WRX ... if you
take it over 5000 rpm you are buying it. So I drove it and was unimpressed
... I told them how are you ever going to sell me this car if I can't take it
to redline.

I guess most of their buyers aren't used to more than about 100 ft/lbs of
torque ... so 5K rpms is plenty to fell the torque ... what torque and where
is the horsepower. Definitely above 5K RPM.

Best regards,
Feico van der Laan

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