[s-cars] Audicandy @ der Ring

Ulrich L. McKenzie mckenzie3249 at rogers.com
Mon Apr 14 10:24:27 EDT 2003

I think I have found the perfect solution to get to DA Ring in style.  Air
France & BA just announced that they are retiRING the Concorde fleet in
September this year.  They are offering discounted round trip packages from
New York for a one way flight on Concorde and return on a pedantic subsonic
flight.  the package starts at $3K US.  Add an Audi rental, some digs, and
we are all set!

Who is with me?????

Audi and Concorde fan ( Currently 50% fulfilled by my UrS4!)

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I can feel the LOVE all the way from here..

So thats the date? Sep 19th?

Cool weekend - a side-trip to the Frankfurt auto show would be possible at
that time!!  (Sep 11-23)

Should I ask Brendan to block us out 8 beds that weekend?


PS, saw two more nogaro blue V8-S4's last night at the ring!  PIcs here:

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>>> mckenzie3249 at rogers.com 00:40:59 03.04.2003 >>>
O.K.  That does it.

I am know offering memberships in the official " We hate Keith Maddock" fan
club.  Cost is $1500.ooUS per person.  Proceeds will be used to sponsor club
members trip to da Ring, and provision of appropriate ringed transport for
lapping.  Of course, the first trip will be allocated to the club founder.
Please send your membership application along with a certified cheque or
bank draft to......

Errr.... you guys aren't buying this are you?

Never mind, I still hate Keith!

Len (Turning green with envy in the great white north)

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Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 00:49:58 +0200
Subject: [s-cars] Audi suprises at the ring today...

Thought you all might like to share in the suprise I had today when I went
to the 'ring after work to get a few relaxing laps in during the evening

Take a look! :)

RS2, RS6's, and new V8-S4's !!!

The RS2 just happened to show up, and find all of his offspring there!


Oh, Keith.  That most CERTAINLY does not SUCK.  Wow.  Unf'nreal.  Have I
told you (today) that I f'n HATE you???  Probably!  Oh, dig that
juxtaposition of the RS6A and your 968CS.

What you think the odds are of a repeat occurrence for our trip???  Heh heh
heh.  BTW fellow fools, looking VERY like Thurs. 9/18 through Sun 9/21 or
some iteration thereof for our weekend madness trip to visit Big Keith.
Time for "YOU" to throw your hat in "der Ring".  So far it's a solid 1/2
dozen confirmed, gonna be ludicrous...

Paulie der Ring-leader
CT today Nurburg 9/18
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