[s-cars] 8 Pin CD Changer

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Mon Apr 14 19:51:44 EDT 2003

Hi Matt:

I've been trying to figure this out too. From what I've read the changer
controls are proprietary and only the Audi changer will work. Also adding to
this is the fact that its discontinued and ebay sellers have figured this
out which of course raises the prices.

Sean Douglas

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> I don't exactly know how I managed to end up with a S6
> without a factory CD changer, but I did. These cars
> were like 50 grand in 95 right? How could someone
> throw down that much and not opt for a CD player!
> Anyway I have been using a FM modulated CD changer by
> Pioneer for a couple years now and have had only
> satisfactory results. Recently though it has gotten
> very very staticy and I have fooled around with every
> connection to no avail. Now I am thinking about giving
> up and trying an Audi changer. Problem is they are
> still like 400 bucks on ebay! Does anyone know of a
> harness available somewhere that will work with an
> Alpine changer or something? How can there be no other
> changers that work in this application! If anyone has
> some solutions that are cheeper than $400, PLEASE let
> me know. Thanks.
> Matt Molyneux
> '95 S6  MTM 1+
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