[s-cars] Cabriolet/DSG gearbox, Almost lack of s-content..

Bjørn Ødegård beernuts at online.no
Tue Apr 15 11:40:38 EDT 2003

It's now been confirmed, the neuCabrio will be delivered with quattro as
well. Got the local Audi 'Four rings' magazine yesterday, and it clearly
states that the Cabrio will have the 1.8T, 2.4V6, 3.0V6 engines combined
with 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual or the now well known multitronic
gearbox in various combinations. The quattro drive will be available in
several of these combinations.

The DSG gearbox, shown here,
(http://www.audiworld.com/news/03/020303/content3.shtml) is pretty
innovative, and will most certainly be a nice update to the audi range
to meet the sequential gearbox of the M3. How soon will the DSG be
available to the bigger engines? (currently a 350Nm range.) If it'll
come with a bellhousing that fits the 'old' cars, I'm sure it'll be the
new CRB..

Bjorn  :o)
'92 S4 etc..

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