[s-cars] USA vs. Euro Headlights for HID Application

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Wed Apr 16 08:38:45 EDT 2003

And a very nice job he's done as well.

Many thanks Frank.

As a side benefit (guilty pleasure) no ones mentioned yet....

Hasn't anyone else running the HID's lows notice how much more likely the
passing lane filled by the absent minded dude (or dudette) on the cell phone
is actually likely to move over and open for you as you pull up behind?

Almost as effective as the magnetic flame strips on Hunter's hood (works in
daylight.)  Heck, I bet if you combine the two, magnetic hood flames for
daylight running and the low beam HID's at night, you could almost cure the
asleep in left lane crowd.


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~Is essence, yes. If you want the max benefit from the HIDs, go with Euro
~From a cash flow perspective, you can also spread out the pain over
~1) Euro housings w/ stock wattages
~2) harnesses / relays / higher wattages
~3) HIDs
~Of course, I installed all three at once in Mike P's UrS6A on Saturday.
~Even the 100W highs don't impress next to the HIDs.
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