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Sun Apr 20 18:58:48 EDT 2003

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I purchased a set of Bilsteins for the front of my urS6.  One gave up the
ghost after a while.  I called shox.com (I bought the first set from them)
and asked about warranty service.  I was told, "Order a new pair.  Pay for
them with your credit card and then return the defective cartridge for
evaluation.  If it is bad we will refund the new purchase."

I did.  It was.  They did - for BOTH new cartridges.  I did have to call a
second time but they honored the warranty.

At 05:41 PM 4/20/2003 -0400, Mark Strangways wrote:

>Well, it's just over 4 years, and about 50-60,000 KM I have a right front
>bilstein shock that rattles my fillings at 160 KM (100 MPH). At 170 KM it
>barley drivable.
>Is there any BTDT on getting warranty service on these things ?
>Especially any Canadian experience with US purchased shocks ?
>These are supposed to be lifetime warranty right ? I overpaid for them way
>back then, and I will be damned if I buy Bilsteins again if they don't
>support there product.
>Any feedback ?
>Mark S
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