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Shocks are one item that it definitely pays to spend extra $$s, get local
shop to order and install them so they deal with any warranty issues. I had
same problem with LandCruiser shock once, and you're totally on your own for
labor and downtime if you order them yourself.
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> I had a RF Bilsteen literally blow up after 6 months of mild use. Seals
> were totally gone and oil all over the place.  Im glad I had the local
> tire guys do the ordering and the install.  As a result the lifetime
> warranty was no problem..I just had to pay the shipping for the new
> shock as they were custom order (shox.com)
> Aaron
> Mark Strangways wrote:
> >Well, it's just over 4 years, and about 50-60,000 KM I have a right front
> >bilstein shock that rattles my fillings at 160 KM (100 MPH). At 170 KM it
> >barley drivable.
> >
> >Is there any BTDT on getting warranty service on these things ?
> >Especially any Canadian experience with US purchased shocks ?
> >These are supposed to be lifetime warranty right ? I overpaid for them
> >back then, and I will be damned if I buy Bilsteins again if they don't
> >support there product.
> >
> >Any feedback ?
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Mark S
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