[s-cars] good spring

Philip Mische pmische at comcast.net
Mon Apr 21 13:58:04 EDT 2003

And its not just PK's ride that got restored to its former self recently,
but mine too.  At long last the battle with generally funky running did in
fact end with the replacement of the MAF meter, which also initiated a
thread that is still getting kicked around.  Despite the MAF meter being bad
there were no codes; the diagnostic block that seems to have changed is
"Adaptation", which had been out of range at 160, and is now in the 120's.

I was running a K&N, so there's another piece of data that may point to the
value of paper filters.   The K&N cannot possibly be worth the risk to
anyone with a hot wire.

This car sure is a pisser when it's feeling good!


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