[s-cars] Clutch/Start Safety Switch

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 22 11:14:59 EDT 2003

I was talking about this with a lister lately, I think
it was one of the many Bobs on list, could've been a
Chad, too.
Anyway, on his S6, he can't start it up unless clutch
is in.  Maybe this was a switch from S4 to S6?
Hans und Klaus, more than likely.

Informal Poll:
What year and model of your s-car and can you start
without depressing clutch?

--- Mark Pollan <mark.pollan at mci.com> wrote:
> With all of this "Scrape, Snap, Bang ... Clatter"
> banter, has anybody looked
> into - or successfully fitted - a "safety" switch
> whereby the car can only
> be started if the clutch is depressed?  My garage is
> fairly tight, and
> although I have not performed this maneuver in some
> time, I have taken to
> leaving the car in neutral when parking in my
> garage.  I know that one
> particularly comatose morning, I'll just get in and
> fire her up without
> thinking so...
> I'm an electronic moron but seems like it might be
> relatively simple.
> Thoughts on the subject?
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