[s-cars] RE: clutch lockout

Paul Krasusky KrasuskyP at FirstInterBank.com
Tue Apr 22 15:52:33 EDT 2003

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Joey Pondered retrofitting a clutch lockout:

Uhhh...  2 thoughts...

1) cars have neutral for a reason... use it.

2) cars have ebrakes for a reason... use it.  Garages are not on slopes!

Unless I'm on some sort of *dramatic incline*, I don't EVER leave ANY of my
cars in gear.  Someone DOLT once left my TR3 in reverse and I kicked back
into that nice MGA behind me.  I don't like the practice, like to be able to
reach through doors / windows and crank away without worry (for the
inevitable majority of the time that I'm working on them!).

Plus, I don't like nannies telling me what I can and cannot do, when, and
how.  No tanks.  I agree, I tend to think of it as a
stupiddumblazywhateverlackofbetter term US thing.

You wanna leave it in gear?  Buy an autoshitmatic.

-Paul no more nannies for me K.

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