[s-cars] RE: New MAF tested to fix stumble / low boost issues

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 24 15:39:11 EDT 2003

Home Depot/Lowe's Hardware 3" black plastic threaded drain pipe cap; has a
square boss on it for turning in/out of drain pipes.  Mine says Nibco ABS-1
5818 on it.  Drill a 3/16" hole in the center, drop a machine screw into the
hole, nut/bolt securely then chuck it in your drill and file down the threads.
Remove from drill, enlarge hole to ??? to insert a standard tire valve (ask for
a used freebie from a tire store...Costco gave me a new one for free).
Definitely have to go over 15 psig, but don't go over 25psig, which is very
close to the limit of your ECU's PT.  Anything probs in the intake tract should
show up by then!

As to MTM 1+ s/w suck vs. blow...probably not given the swap to another known
ECU giving same problem...but did you try your ECU in the other car?  Or try an
IA III+ ECU in your car?  Just a thought.

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> Ed
> IIRC Home depot pipe sealed off at one end with an air valve
> installed.
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> Billdge,
> I keep forgetting to do that!  I know there is a recommended
> procedure for performing this task (Schrader valve/block
> crankcase breather, etc), but I can't recall what precisely to do.
> Can anyone give me some advice?
> Thanks, Ed
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> Subject: RE: New MAF tested to fix stumble / low boost issues
> EDdy,
> Have you actually pressurized the intake manifold to check
> for leaks?  I sort of recall a long ago post from Igor
> possibly, that reported a very hard to find leak in the
> michelin man Xover hose.  IIRC it was right in a seem that
> was rather difficult to detect. And as there seem to have
> been such a number of mtm1 problem postings of late, perhaps
> that software sucks as opposed to blows? Bill m 95 1/2 Avant
> -ALL rs2 stuff smooth and steady to 27psi
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> Subject: New MAF tested to fix stumble / low boost issues
> Bill/List,
> I installed a loaner MAF (thanks for the loan BILL M!) last
> night.  On the way into work this AM, the car was seemed
> smoother, etc.  Alas, the boost did the same thing (shoots to
> 16, then slowly creeps to 20 - fluctuates along the way -
> every other MTM 1+ car that have driven would shoot to 22
> PSI, and back off from there).
> The good news is the engine didn't stumble at all.  I don't
> feel I have enough miles on the car with Bill's MAF, so I
> can't say for certain that my MAF was/is bad.  In the past,
> with the my MAF installed, the car would
> stumble sometimes/sometimes not, though it was hard to
> predict when.   So, I
> am guessing my MAF is weak/bad, and Bill's is good... But I
> still am having a problem somewhere else with my boost.
> (maybe this will be useful for the archives)  Back to the list:
> 95 S6 with 83k - MTM 1+ ECU
> - Plug connectors all have 5K ohm resistance (swapped in
> known good connectors - same problems)
> - ECU is good (swapped in known good ECU - same problems)
> - Hoses are tight/secure
>  - Plugs are good (swapped in known good plugs - same problems
> - WGFV is good (clicks during diagnostic test)
> - Coil pack is good (swapped in known good Coil Pack) - same problems
> - Idle is smooth
> - New O2 Sensor
> - Turbo is quiet
> - Waste Gate is not torn, slides smoothly up and down with no
> radial play
> - Power is smooth until about 1.2 bar
> - Miss is subtle, but prevents boost from hitting 22-23 (MTM
> 1+) in all gears.  Boost is lower as the gears are higher
> (2nd gear will hit 20 PSI right away 5th gear goes to 17 then
> creeps to 20/21 over the span of 5 or so seconds), Miss is
> worst when accelerating hard at hway speeds, after coasting
> in heavy vacuum for a while (like slowing for traffic on a 2
> lane road, downshifting from 5th to 4th, then overtaking on
> the left) - Motor will over boost to 28+ PSI if floored at
> low RPM (<2,500) in 3/4/5 gear. When boost is that high, the
> motor makes a different, very rapid "thumping" noise. ECU
> will sometimes bring boost down to safe levels, but sometimes
> it won't, and only my right foot prevents a grenade.
> Any more Ideas? Anyone have the pn for a WGFV
> Thanks a million, Ed
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