[s-cars] RSB's-2 - Adapter Kits done & ready to mail out

MLP mlped at qwest.net
Thu Apr 24 18:49:35 EDT 2003

OK, for those who ordered adapters to fit Haps 26mm rear stabilizer bar.
Since I haven't got a list from Hap yet of who's ordered the 26mm bar & its
associated parts (i.e. the bar itself, two heim joints and two 26mm urethane
bushing at a minimum), I have to presume you know who you are if I haven't
included your initials below.

Anyhow, as far as the adapters are concerned, FYI, I picked up the completed
adapter parts yesterday.

I've checked with the Postal Service &/or UPS (you tell me your shipping
preference); and am ready to mail these, the adapter parts, out as soon as

  (a) make &/or confirm payment.  The cost of Adapters alone is $150 +
shipping.  So far as I know, the adapter plates & lock keys are not a part
of Hap's 26mm rear stabilizer package.  Payment for the adapter plates can
be made either by:

	1.  PayPal to mlped at qwest.net or
	2.  Check mailed to:  M Pederson, 8775 E. Orchard Rd. #819
             Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111-5010

  (b) select method of delivery,
	1.  US Postal priority mail, @ $10.  USPS says this is supposed to
promises 2nd day delivery; or
	2.  UPS 3 day @ $13 (Denver/ East or West coast)**

UPS Ground @ $8.67; 2nd day 18.21 and overnight is $29+.

  (c) confirm where you want the adapters mailed/delivered to.  It would be
good to include a phone number if you want that included on the UPS label if
that's the way you want them shipped

For the extra $3.00 over the US Postal Service fee, UPS tells me they offer
insurance & a tracking number if I give them email addresses.

For those who've asked or suggested they think that they may have already
paid for adapters with their 26mm rear stabilizer kits from Hap, I do not
know what arrangements, if any you have made with Hap, but so far I have not
received payment from anyone for any adapter kits, and I am not privy to
what arrangements have been made with Hap regarding the adapters, as
distinguished from the bar itself.  While I have spoken to Hap, he has not
yet had time to send me the list of persons to whom he wants or needs
adapters sent to.**   I've tried to put together a partial list, below, of
those who've contacted me directly.

I suppose an additional option for those who are still waiting for 26mm RSB
parts from Hap is, I can turn your plates over to Hap to pack in with his
rear stabilizer bar and other parts, if he has not already sent those pieces
to you when I can confirm payment for the adapters.

Finally FYI, the RSB adapter kit parts I'm supplying weigh @ 4 lbs +/- a
couple of ounces; each kit includes eight pieces, consisting of two (2)
Adapter plates; two (2) for want of a better description "locking Keys"; and
four (4) bolts.  All the other parts you need to get with Hap's kit or from
Audi.  If your not sure how to install, I can burn a CD with the install
instructions that were created for the original group of RSB adapters that
was done @ year or so ago.  The major difference is the current kit doesn't
include the aluminum saddles that were used to hold the Audi OEM rubber
bushings for the OEM 17mm stabilizer bar.  BUYER BE AWARE:  As a final
CAVEAT AND WORD OF CAUTION, you are installing a 26mm bar on brackets and a
rear sub frame that, even from Audi, only used at most a 17mm bar.  You do
this at your own risk.  NO WARRANTY & NO GUARANTEE is made or given as to
the suitability of the adapter or its use of the sub frame mounting points
for this purpose.

If you've got any other questions that would be easier to answer by
telephone, I can generally be contacted at 303-888-1941.

Mike Pederson

Kits confirmed for:
   Initials:	Address:		Paid:
1.  RT, mass	yes, office ?	No
2.  RC, NY		yes			No
3.  CS, Ohio	yes			No
4.  DL, Colo	? no			No
***** ? Not on or in Hap's list for 26mm RSB's, but interested in an adapter
if available:
5.  MH, ???		? No			No
6.  JP  ???		? No			No
7.  Elijah, MI?	? No			No

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