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I'm voting for 1) and 3). I looked at the tanks side by side and they are
identical. I think its a manufacturing tolerance issue or maybe the fuel
pump collar had some mold burrs inside that prevented the pump from seating.
Since its located in the bottom of the tank, its impossible to view the
inside of the collar. As far as the fuel sender not fitting, I didn't look
at it and I got the feeling that this was a dealer screw-up as they were
sketchy on the details.

The old tank had quite alot of rust at the seam on the forward edge and
there were signs of fuel weeping there. I'm not too worried about them
replacing it as its covered under warranty. I estimate this job was worth

Thanks for the sympathy!


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> Sean;
> I vote for 3) :o)
> It is very unusual for a UrS to have a fuel tank leak, let alone one
> only (only!) 6 years old - fuel line leaks, yes; tanks, no! The screw-up
> with the tank parts suggests to me the tanks were for a model other than
> UrS6. Sounds like your boys are short on diagnosis and big on replacing
> parts until it works.
> Now you see the dark side of UrS ownership - and why many of us do our own
> repairs to keep the blood pressure under control :o)
> Reminds me of an old definition of stress - the condition caused when the
> mind over-rides the body's natural desire to choke the living $hit out of
> some a$$hole who richly deserves it.
> Good luck!
> Fred Munro
> '94 S4
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> I thought I'd share my frustrations with the list on my "new" 1997 S6 -
> looking for sympathy.
> April 4 - Car arrived by rail from Toronto to Vancouver
> April 5-6 - drove for two days
> April 7 - dropped off at Audi dealer to get provincial inspection
> for out of province cars).
> April 8 - dealer informs me that fuel tank is leaking, orders new tank
> (under warranty). Tank must be shipped by ground from Texas warehouse. No
> courtesy car is available.
> April 14 - dealer received tank and removes old one, rear subframe,
> suspension and exhaust comes out.
> April 16 - tech discovers that the fuel pump is not engaging into collar
> inside tank. Determines tank is faulty. Orders another new tan (by ground
> from Texas). Dealer does not have any courtesy cars but agrees to pay for
> rental. Sean gets rental car but is disappointed - its a Kia!
> April 22 - second tank arrives.
> April 23 - tech fits in fuel pump, but cannot get fuel sender to engage in
> collar, blames it on old sending unit possibly being different. Dealer
> orders new sending unit which will be air freighted overnight from
> April 23 - Sean calls Audi Canada to complain. Get the standard response
> will look into it".
> So I figure that either; 1) the tanks are defective and something in the
> quality control system is breaking down, 2) Audi changed the specs on the
> "collars" and didn't tell anyone 3) the Techs at the dealer either don't
> know what they are doing or have royally screwed it up.
> So folks, I've technically "owned" my 1997 Audi S6 since paying for it in
> Mid March, but I have only had in my posession for 2 freakin days! What
> I do to deserve this? I must of really pissed of the Audi Gods somehow!
> Thanks for listening.
> Sean Douglas - s-car-less in Surrey :-(
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