[s-cars] Longevity and Replacement parts

CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Sun Apr 27 03:11:40 EDT 2003

I suspect if you approached Audi and said, hey I have a
1938 Auto Union 12 cylinder fastback and need a new
Nockelwelle, and I have the $$ needed to be serious, they
would do the same thing. It's a matter of degrees --
Mercedes supports this policy at the manufacturer level,
but do they support it at the dealer level? I doubt you can
walk into a local MB dealer and get a side-draft carb for a
1923 Cursor 474 or body stripping for '58 fin-back, even with
special orders and so forth -- but they might have the
where-with-all to send you to the right person to contact
in Germany to handle the request (something the typical
Audi stealer wouldn't seemingly do -- but probably could
just as readily). It's all a matter of degrees and perception.

=-= Marc Glasgow
Hillsborough County's Leading Mac Consultant since 1990
CyberPoet wrote:
I suspect that if you have their parts policy (we can obtain any part
-- if you are willing to pay any price), Audi would be able to also
offer any part for the life of the company.
Frank Amoroso wrote:
Not passing judgement one way or another, but for what it is worth,
Benz boasts of offerring any part for every Benz ever made. If it
is in fact true, damn impressive.
Charlie quipped:
 From what I've heard, MB will set up and remanufacture the part if
necessary.  When you figure that might be a crankshaft for some
antique model, done to their original specification ... Frank's
right - that's impressive.  Given those conditions, expensive is
certainly understandable.

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