[s-cars] Pressure Test

Ed Walsh rundeep_32 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 27 14:02:08 EDT 2003

Thanks Mr. 440V!

My air tank is really either a super powerful raft
inflator, or an ultra weak air compressor - depends on
the purpose.  1 HP and 2 Gallons.  I know, I know...
It does have a regulator, but not the reserve to keep
things at 20 PSI for very long...

I am off to find if the leak is a leak.

Regards, Ed

--- Ian Duff <iduff at rcn.com> wrote:
> Sounds plausible. You might want to get a pressure
> regulator for your air
> tank, with two intended results: 1) allowing air
> tank to hold full pressure
> and automatically, continuously allowing only the
> pressure you want into
> system, and 2) staying in wife's good graces by
> virtue of not needing her in
> cold, drafty garage.
> A regulator configuration like this would allow you
> to pressurize to
> whatever pressure you hear the leak, then with the
> regulator pumping in just
> a little more pressure, snooping around until you
> discover what's leaking.
> HTH.
> -Ian.
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> Some may know, ad nauseum, that I have been trying
> to
> fix a lower than expected max boost issue.  S6 MTM
> 1+.
>  (stumble appears to have been fixed my BM's MAF)
> It was recommended that I try to pressure test the
> motor to see if I have any leaks (minor ones that
> would appear only under boost).  Well, after
> testing,
> I think I might....
> I made an adapter out of a 3" male sewer clean-out
> cap
> (great tip!), for the hose that attaches to the MAF.
> I installed an air compressor quick connect adapter
> thru the cap.  All is air tight.  Here is what I did
> the perform the test, tell me if I am doing this
> righto:
> - Told wife she looked nice today and that I was
> looking forward to her parents next visit
> - Pressurized my 2 gallon portable air tank to ~20
> - Ask wife to help me read the boost gauge in my car
> :)
> - With wife/eyes in place, Connect quick connect to
> home brew adapter, pressurizing the system.
> My suspicion is/was that an air tight system would
> hold these 20 PSI and that it would indicate this on
> the boost gauge.  No?
> - Wife reports that, not only is it cold and boring
> in
> the garage, she only saw 2.5 PSI after I pressurized
> the system.  After about 10 seconds, the pressure on
> the gauge actually rose to about 3.5 PSI.  Weird?
> I'll explain.
> - When I initially connected the air tank to the
> adapter/cap, I heard a deep rush of air being moved.
> (like a jet engine heard from 30,000 ft below). I
> had
> thought this was just the system being pressurized,
> but it appears that the noise was from a leak.
> Where?, I don't know, but the sound seemed localized
> in the under the turbo area (crossover pipe?)
> I couldn't feel or see any air leaking, but it had
> to
> go somewhere... Or am I screwing the test up?
> I hypothesize that the reason the pressure actually
> rose to 3.5 PSI after about 10 seconds
> (coincidentally, the same amount of time I heard a
> deep rush of air being moved) was the result of the
> leak re sealing itself.  It would then hold that 3.5
> PSI for 30+ minutes.
> So, as long as I have done the test right, I may
> have
> figured this out.  Can anyone confirm the test is
> accurate b4 I battle hell's gate (the belly pan)?
> Thanks a Million,  Ed
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