[s-cars] Gone fishing in spark plug holes

Thompson thompson at audisport.com
Mon Apr 28 16:26:05 EDT 2003

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FWIW, drop down your ShopVac first and clean up each spark plug hole BEFORE
removing any spark plugs - just in case. Sunday I was doing a simple 30k
service and got to plug #5 on my S6. Yes, most were loose. The new one
wouldn't thread in. Hmmm. Looked in the hole and low and behold there was a
small (2/3 rds size of the original boot end) half in the hole and half out.
I tried to put a screw driver down there to stop it from dropping in. Didn't
work and it fell in - gone fishing... Not that the small amount of rubber
would have hurt anything when running, but I didn't want to take any chances
and that area is for petrol and air mixture only! I now know how to remove
an original piece of plug boot that drops into a cylinder - ouch. Took me
some time to figure out how to fish it out (about 5hours), but now I've got
the "Custom ShopVac - McGuiver/Thompson" lure ready for AAN rental.

This was all because I sold my urquattro, I knew it - all for the Audi Gods!

Spark Plug installation
Tighten down by hand and crush the washer then back off, loosen and retorque
to 25-28 ft lbs. Do NOT use any anti-sieze. Has been known to leak into
cylinder cavity per Keith Anderson. Retorque at 1,000 miles.


Thompson Smith
88 type44
93 //S4
95 //S6

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