[s-cars] HUGE Brakes

Frederic L'Huillier Frederic.L'Huillier at Siebel.com
Tue Apr 29 17:38:12 EDT 2003

Movit has 380 mm discs brakes.
Have not heard any feedback from a lucky customer.


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After the latest round of mods to my S6, I think my Big Blacks (314mm)
are no longer going to cut it. I like the idea of the ECS 323mm brakes,
but I'd like to go even bigger. Anyone know anything about bigger brake
kits, such as what Perry E was using? F40 brakes was it?

Also, did any of the 95-97 S6/A6s come with a large passenger side
mirror? I'm trying to fit a set of aluminum housing S4tt mirrors,
drivers side worked, passenger side is near impossible!

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