[s-cars] heel-toe driving

CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Tue Apr 29 18:14:21 EDT 2003

Having been taught left foot braking and heel-toe driving by what I
believe to among the best in the world (thanks Colin & Christian!), I
CAN'T say that it ever involves using the ball of the foot on the gas
with the toes on the brake, but rather the right edge of the right foot
on the gas, and the left upper half on the brake if you have to hit
both at once (the heel part is for pivoting without moving the ball of
the foot, at least as I was taught). Have we all been doing it wrong
all these years? I doubt it... But I wouldn't put it past the
rice-burner poseur drivers who figured it out for themselves simply by
reading about it in R&T, C&D, etc to having gotten it wrong.

=-= Marc Glasgow

Dave Wrote:
As one who uses the misnamed heel-toe technique subconsciously in daily
driving, I, for one, have never used the technique shown in the diagram
the ebay page for this product.  The act of actually putting one's heel
the gas pedal while toeing the brake (or even using the ball of the
seems utterly ridiculous at best, and requires quite an awkward
Heel-toe as I learned it (thank you Ms. St. James, high heels and all)
doesn't involve the heel at all.
Am I all wet, or is this a POSEUR/RICER mod?  Can I get mine purple
anodized?  If so, how well will they conduct heat?
I actually think our cars are set up pretty well for heel-toeing, using
stock pedals and stock 12EEEs (you know what they say about guys with
feet...they have an easier time matching revs!)

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