[s-cars] Toyo Tires Comparisons

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Sorry guys -
I typo-ed.  Where it says 255/50/16 it should say 225/50/16.
I am comparing a 255/50 to a 215/55.
The 215/55 is slightly taller and narrower than the 255/50(stock size)
and im hoping will have less tramlinning problems but still reasonable
Thanks for all the response.

Steve Marinello wrote:

>Doubt if it would fit with a lowered suspension.  Don't you mean 255/40?
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>>Your 215/55/16 tire has a sidewall of 118.25mm.
>>Your 255/50/16 tire has a sidewall  of 127.5mm., so, if you want more
>>sidewall the 55 tire is the better one. However the 255/50 tire has a
>>sidewall 15mm. taller than the recommended 225/50/16 Audi OEM.
>>This 255/50 tire will give you approximately 4.75% slower speedometer
>>reading compared to the 225/50 OEM tire and will impair acceleration by
>>same percentage. Your gas mileage should improve as well.
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