[s-cars] I have a real ??? Really!

Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Wed Apr 30 17:43:37 EDT 2003

Last weekend after an ..uhmm... spirited one hour run, I parked the car for
five minutes, but after restarting; it wouldnt go into reverse.   WTF I sez
to self..  Turn off - put in reverse, depress clutch and car starts but
theres a bit O rubbing sound in der.
Anyway I drive a short distance to my destination leaving it sit for an hour
and ever since everything has been fine. Perfect.  So,
I'm thinking it was heat related or air in hydraulics.
I have ruled out my heel toe technique.
But havent read of this happening to anyone before.  Are there any areas
where the hydraulic lines come close to something hot?  Could I have
installed the slave cylinder wrong somehow?  Can  the clutch even be
adjusted somehow?  I thought too that maybe its that damn hot stromung cat
right under the gear box possibly doin sumthin.
Any thoughts?
Bill m
95 1/2 Avant
75 Carrera
00 A8
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Professional Race Car Driver (out of work)
Father of 4 (over-served again)
College educated he he
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