[s-cars] Website claims to have Eibachs for S4/S6

Paul Gailus gailus at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 6 23:29:16 EDT 2003

3 months ago, the Eibach German site listed part number
EW 1527001 VA for the front springs of all 100/A6/S4/S6
Pro-Kits with 5/6cyl., air, and manual tranny.
Now they list EW 1515001 VA front springs for these same
applications, and only those with automatic are listed with
EW 1527001 VA. At least the kit numbers and rear spring
numbers appear to be the same as before.

Since this UK supplier seems to have the full range of
Pro-Kits listed on the German Eibach site (including
Avant-specific kits), it may be best to go with the kit
number that both they and www.eibach.de show for the
S6 Avant without automatic: Pro-Kit 1521.140.
This has EW 1521002 HA rear springs.
Or, you could go for 1530.140 (including automatic) if
you want to get the EW 1527001 VA front springs.
It's all as clear as mud ;-(


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> These guys:
> http://www.msport.co.uk/acatalog/Eibach_Pro_Kits_Audi.html
> Claim to have Eibachs for our beloved S4/S6.  Problem is, they quote P/N's
> Audi 100/A6 Quattro 5 & 6 Cyl, S4, S6 (ref. 1516.140)
> Audi 100/A6 Avant Quattro 5 & 6 Cyl, S4 (ref. 1521.140)
> Audi 100/A6 Quattro 6 Cyl Auto (ref. 1528.140)<--------Remember this;
> discussed further down
> Audi 100/A6 Avant 5 & 6 Cyl Auto (ref. 1529.140)<---- Same as URS4 website
> Audi 100/A6 Avant Quattro 5 & 6 Cyl, S4, S6 Auto (ref. 1530.140)
> And just to toss in some controversy
> Audi V8 (ref. 1512.140) 1512.001 F, 1512.002 R, lowers 30mm
> Hey, if the H&R V8's fit the S4/S6 cars, why not Eibach's??
> The bible:
> http://www.urs4.com/technical/suspension.html#springs
> Eibach Pro (1529-140)
> Charlie gives a great explanation on the differences here:
> http://www.elektro.com/~audi/eibach/
> Great website BTW.  According to this website and Eibach's German website
> (as I understand it), I'm pretty sure it says that the most correct
> I can get are 1528.140 kit, which has the 1527.001 F's, and the 1516.002
> R's, as the 1529.140 kit has the 1517.002 R's, which are 10mm shorter, and
> need a 10mm spacer.  I think...
> Comments??  Help?  Flames?  Irritated I started this up again??  Let 'em
> rip...
> Gary Lewis
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