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Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 14:28:45 EDT 2003


i am putting porsche 996 calipers on my '92 S4.  birabrakes stuff.

you're right, the problem the lister had was not with the quality of the
lines, but getting them spec'd properly.  he specified the lengths and
the fittings, and they still sent him the wrong parts because they insisted
that the porsche caliper required a different fitting from what he

he asked for 16" lines with 10x1 female concave and 10x1 male convex.
he received lines with 10x1 female convex and 10x1 male convex.


--- Kirby Smith <kirby.a.smith at verizon.net> wrote:
> Teddy:
> This sounds more like a problem with properly specifying the lines than
> a problem with Paragon lines per se.  As all my sets are for OEM brakes,
> I can't comment on getting Paragon to make up something special.  But if
> I were doing so I would probably send a drawing.
> Sorry, but I forgot if you were re-lining your stock brakes or adapting
> non-OEM brakes.  In the latter case, you might consider buying brake
> line material from Paragon.
> kirby
> Theodore Chen wrote:
> >
> > --- Kirby Smith <kirby.a.smith at verizon.net> wrote:
> > > I don't know about speed-flex, but I strongly recommend you buy already
> > > made up hoses from Paragon Performance.  They include a kevlar
> > > in-between liner to keep grit from damaging the teflon.  As they cost
> > > only ca. $70 US, you would have to pay yourself a very low wage to equal
> > > them, and you would still have an inferior line set.
> >
> > kirby,
> >
> > speed-flex is made by earl's, and is widely used on race cars.
> >
> > there was a discussion on birabrakes about six weeks ago, in which a
> > lister had problems with the lines supplied by paragon.  the first
> > time, they supplied lines for the factory S6 brakes (he needed lines
> > that worked with porsche calipers).  after numerous phone calls, he
> > got paragon to agree to build new lines with the correct fittings
> > and lengths.  he posted again two weeks later, saying that paragon
> > had again supplied lines with incorrect fittings.  he gave up and
> > bought the lines from somewhere else, with an admonition to list
> > members not to buy them from paragon.
> >
> > maybe i'll buy them pre-made, but i'm somewhat uneasy about getting
> > swaged fittings because i've had bad experiences with them.
> >
> > BTW, braided steel hoses that aren't DOT-certified probably fail to
> > achieve DOT certification because of the whip test.  the brake line
> > is attached in a rotating fixture and whipped around thousands of
> > times.  braided steel hoses don't tolerate this kind of abuse as
> > well as rubber hoses do, but it's also a pretty extreme test that's
> > designed to simulate the kind of abuses and mishandling that some
> > people might inflict on their brake lines (mostly stupid mechanics).
> > earl's DOT-certified lines aren't any different from the race line,
> > except for the addition of a spring collar at each fitting that supports
> > the hose and prevents it from kinking sharply during the whip test.
> > in effect, it enforces a minimum bend radius at the fitting.
> >
> > -teddy
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