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Just to add my $0.02, I, too, use the Strat valve but not adjustable and have had no problems whatsoever.  My car is a
95.5 S6 with MTM-1+.


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   I have been using the Hyperboost Adj. BPV from Stratosphere.  I have had N=
O issues, I have not had to regrease or take apart to clean.  The BPV has b=
een performing like a champ for 6 mo. now and I have no complaints http://w=

Other choice for Aftermarket BPV's (besides Bosch):
TurboXS (Hap?)
Blitz (??)


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Listeners:  I am looking for some BTDT, on aftermarket Bypass Vales.  I
am currently using a 710N Bosch valve, but considering some of the posts
about the questionable reliability/durability of these valves, as well
as the OEM valves.  My Car is unmodified, but hopefully in the near
future I will install an MTM Stage I chip. TIA.

95.5 S6


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