[s-cars] hesitation problem

Twobro12 at aol.com Twobro12 at aol.com
Mon Dec 1 20:50:21 EST 2003

hey, i am having a strange problem that might be related to boost but im not sure.  whenever i go from vacuum to boost pressure, i have a slight (almost 1 second) pause/hesitation before receiving boost.  Also, when i am accelerating in boost and change gears, the same problem occurs instantly as i engage the next gear, it feels almost like a momentary jolt/lag (even at only 5 psi shifts).  My car is still stock, and I do see 14psi on my boost gauge, but my dealer said he thinks it could still be a boost leak of some sort.  At idle im getting 15 psi vacuum pressure, is that normal also?  hmm... any suggestions would be great.  mike 94 S4

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