[s-cars] RS2 Upgrade install

Tom Mullane tmullane at snet.net
Wed Dec 10 20:14:58 EST 2003


In the next month or so I will be installing an RS2 manifold and turbo on my
94 (Merry Christmas to me).  Somewhere I saw a write-up in this install, but
I can't remember where.  It looks pretty straight-forward (take out the old
stuff, then "installation is the reverse of removal"), but I'm sure there
are some shortcuts and/or warnings that are written down somewhere.  Does
anyone have a link to a write-up?  

How about a parts list?  I have the 2 important items, but no gaskets, nuts,
studs, etc.  I tried to assemble a list from the FA, but I'm sure I've a few
things or included things unnecessarily.


Tom Mullane
94 S4

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