[s-cars] BPV and Pressure Losses - MORE

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Sat Dec 20 06:42:57 EST 2003

Yes, it's just like the audi.  A stepper motor is a better device for the 
job.  The "A'pexi is defnitely snappier" than the stock WGFV could be a true 
statement, since it has tunnel vision to it's mission.   What about the trivia 
question Kirby?

> Why did audi change from the WG feed -
> Manifold (10vt CIS) to WG feed - Turbo Scroll (20vt)?  
> to either?


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kirby.a.smith at verizon.net writes:
On a stock engine, the A'pexi is definitely snappier.  Isn't the Audi
WGFV a duty-cycle solenoids like A'pexi use?


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