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Keith Maddock keith-list at maddock.uzipp.com
Sat Dec 20 12:10:58 EST 2003

Riff wrote:
>Hi List-
>Wondering about a brake fitment question.  Has anyone fit the regular 
>Porsche S2/Turbo brakes to their car, not the ones from the 944 turbo S / 
>928 S4?  I know they are essentially the same size as the standard Boxster 
>caliper and those have been fitted using the A8 rotor.  This is crossing 
>my mind because if I can waterfall the fronts off of my S2  to the S6, 
>makes buying the new larger fronts for the 944 more palatable.  Ideas???


First a bit of a "glossary" on Porsche calipers:
Little Blacks :  944S2 (non M030), 951 (non M030 and not 951S), 968 (non M030)
Medium Blacks: 944S2 (M030), 951 (S or M030), 968 M030, 928 S4
Big Blacks/Reds: 928 GTS, 993 TT

There are 4 primary problems with fitting  the "little blacks" on a UrS .
1)  Small pad size  (smaller than the "medium blacks"  and much smaller 
than "big blacks")
2) Designed for a narrow 28mm rotor (A8 rotors are 30mm,  Porsche 
rotors  that pair with "Medium" or "Big" calipers are all 32mm)
3) The "little blacks" are radially mounted, not axially mounted like the 
"medium blacks" or "Big Reds/Blacks", which means most likely there doesn't 
exist a bracket anyway to mate them to your Audi.
4) the "little blacks"  have smaller pistons sizes (36mm/40mm) than the 
"medium blacks" or "Big Reds/Blacks" (both those have 36mm/44mm). However 
this is the same as Boxster brakes I beleive.

In my opinion, the "little blacks" on 298mmx28mm rotors are just adequate 
for the ~3000 lb 944S2 / 968   (I have a 968CS with these brakes) - however 
with the right pads (cough cough Hawk Blues work really well on these cars 
cough cough) they can be just fine unless they are subject to a really 
braking intensive track or driver.

However I don't think these calipers, even with the A8 rotor will be 
sufficient for the S6 - assuming you can safely squeeze that 30mm rotor in 
those calipers.  The primary reasons being #'s 1,2,3 above, and to a lesser 
extent #4.

However the UrS brakes are pathetic even on the street, (as a separate 
thread going on right how has protested!), and these "need" the upgrade 
**MUCH** more than your 944S2 does.

I would suggest going for a volume discount and getting 4 Big Reds (or big 
blacks) and taking care of both cars at the same time :-)

Drop me a line off list, if you want, I'm curious to hear what brake 
upgrade you were planning for the 944S2 (I've looked into this alot for the 
968 this summer until I "discovered" the Hawk Blues).


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