[s-cars] Porsche Big Reds or Big Blacks

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> I didn't like them, nor trust them even at low speed driving.
> (curiously though, the same brakes on my 200q20v felt great on the street)
> Anyway, someone with ready access to a Euro FA can correct me if
> I'm wrong,
> but I don't think the UrS4/S6 ever had G60's in Europe.
> For the UrS4's, I'm not exactly sure what the content was, I'm guessing
> they started with UFO's and at some point converted to the "HP60" 4-pad
> caliper (same or similar to what is on some A8's and S4tt's)
> I'm pretty sure the UrS6's all had the "HP60" , not sure what the rotor
> size was either (that is a big one!)

Yes, you are right Keith.  The NA market was the only one to get the G60's
with 276mm rotor.  As I recall the S4, for the rest of the world, started
off with the UFO's and sometime in late '93 switched to the 4-piston HP60
with 314mm dia. rotor.  And then the '97 S6 Plus bumped it up to 323mm

My biggest beef with the G60's is there is too much flex in the caliper, as
well as the pads pulling back a bit too much after application.  As a
result, when you first apply the brakes you have a bit more travel to close
the gap between the pads and rotors, which doesn't lead to a whole lot of
confidence.  You can get a big improvement just by putting new rotors and
pads, I know I did, but I still need to give the brakes a quick pump in
order to get a good solid pedal feel.  Though it's nowhere near as solid and
modulatable (inventing words today) as the Big Reds/Blacks.


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