[s-cars] Brake Question

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Sat Dec 20 16:42:45 EST 2003

What do we call the 996 TT big reds ?
Shall we call them medium - big reds ?

How about the big yellows on the Carrera GT - I suppose they will be Ultra
Yellow's ?

I hope they don't get any bigger :-)

Mark (just stirring things a bit on Saturday) S
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> Riff wrote:
> >Hi List-
> >
> >Wondering about a brake fitment question.  Has anyone fit the regular
> >Porsche S2/Turbo brakes to their car, not the ones from the 944 turbo S /
> >928 S4?  I know they are essentially the same size as the standard
> >caliper and those have been fitted using the A8 rotor.  This is crossing
> >my mind because if I can waterfall the fronts off of my S2  to the S6,
> >makes buying the new larger fronts for the 944 more palatable.  Ideas???
> Riff,
> First a bit of a "glossary" on Porsche calipers:
> Little Blacks :  944S2 (non M030), 951 (non M030 and not 951S), 968 (non
> Medium Blacks: 944S2 (M030), 951 (S or M030), 968 M030, 928 S4
> Big Blacks/Reds: 928 GTS, 993 TT
> There are 4 primary problems with fitting  the "little blacks" on a UrS .
> 1)  Small pad size  (smaller than the "medium blacks"  and much smaller
> than "big blacks")
> 2) Designed for a narrow 28mm rotor (A8 rotors are 30mm,  Porsche
> rotors  that pair with "Medium" or "Big" calipers are all 32mm)
> 3) The "little blacks" are radially mounted, not axially mounted like the
> "medium blacks" or "Big Reds/Blacks", which means most likely there
> exist a bracket anyway to mate them to your Audi.
> 4) the "little blacks"  have smaller pistons sizes (36mm/40mm) than the
> "medium blacks" or "Big Reds/Blacks" (both those have 36mm/44mm). However
> this is the same as Boxster brakes I beleive.
> In my opinion, the "little blacks" on 298mmx28mm rotors are just adequate
> for the ~3000 lb 944S2 / 968   (I have a 968CS with these brakes) -
> with the right pads (cough cough Hawk Blues work really well on these cars
> cough cough) they can be just fine unless they are subject to a really
> braking intensive track or driver.
> However I don't think these calipers, even with the A8 rotor will be
> sufficient for the S6 - assuming you can safely squeeze that 30mm rotor in
> those calipers.  The primary reasons being #'s 1,2,3 above, and to a
> extent #4.
> However the UrS brakes are pathetic even on the street, (as a separate
> thread going on right how has protested!), and these "need" the upgrade
> **MUCH** more than your 944S2 does.
> I would suggest going for a volume discount and getting 4 Big Reds (or big
> blacks) and taking care of both cars at the same time :-)
> Drop me a line off list, if you want, I'm curious to hear what brake
> upgrade you were planning for the 944S2 (I've looked into this alot for
> 968 this summer until I "discovered" the Hawk Blues).
> Cheers,
> Keith
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