[s-cars] need more power

CaptMagu at aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Sat Dec 20 20:50:16 EST 2003

Mark S

Here I am laying over in Tampa as I contemplate your questions. I've done it. 
Mike Pederson has done it. The machine shop we use in Denver is set up to 
flow the heads as he ports them. The difference in flow from stock is 
substantial. Mike and I have been on a quest for optimum flow from the air intake to the 
combustion chamber and we saw this as a step along the way. Just as important 
was bore matching the IM and EM to get everything lined up. I've also ported, 
drilled out the mounting holes, and enlarged my IM and done a Big Bore mod on 
my throttle body including removal of the Audi/VW ramp with new larger 


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