[s-cars] need more power

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Sat Dec 20 21:13:41 EST 2003

Is anyone sharing secrets to flowing these heads ?
Any specific areas that are readily improved upon ?

And so far such tame, professional replies.
I guess Paul and / or Pizzo are still busy..

Mark S
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> Mark S
> Here I am laying over in Tampa as I contemplate your questions. I've done
> Mike Pederson has done it. The machine shop we use in Denver is set up to
> flow the heads as he ports them. The difference in flow from stock is
> substantial. Mike and I have been on a quest for optimum flow from the air
intake to the
> combustion chamber and we saw this as a step along the way. Just as
> was bore matching the IM and EM to get everything lined up. I've also
> drilled out the mounting holes, and enlarged my IM and done a Big Bore mod
> my throttle body including removal of the Audi/VW ramp with new larger
> butterfly.
> Hap

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