[s-cars] Elusive fuse

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Mon Dec 22 09:26:53 EST 2003

Hi Y'all,

It looks like a good Christmas is coming.  My new V1 just arrived.  For the 
short term I mounted the RD on the windshield above the RV mirror and 
inserted the plug into the cigarette lighter socket.  No joy.  :-(  There 
is no power to the socket.

Searching through the fuse panel revealed no clue as to the location of the 
fuse nor have I found anything on it in Bentley.  Could someone please 
inform me as to the location of that elusive fuse?

The lighter plug will be only temporary.  The full installation, if all 
works as planned, will involve some surgery on the instrument cluster to 
install a V1 remote display and (hopefully) some clever "engineering" to 
provide a significant degree of added stealth for those fairly frequent 
forays into the RD illegal state of Virginia.


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