[s-cars] ah, Speedvision (some AC)

Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Mon Dec 22 09:39:38 EST 2003

Ahhhhhhhhhh, nothing like looking forward to Speedvision '04 (still refusing
to call it that other name) and the start of a great year...

-Hmmmm...  begin the New Year with 24 hrs. of WRC 1/1?  OOOOOOOKAYYYYY
-Hmmmm...  2 days later begin coverage of da Dakar?   OOOOOOOOKAYYYYY
-Hmmmm...  catch last night's "The Making of Victory By Design"?
OOKAYYYYYY!!!!!  (then remind myself why I wanna KILL Alain de Cadenet...
jealousy is an evil beoch!)...  SERIOUSLY F'N COOL.

Oh, for the Audi Content (AC), 2 things:

1)  why doesn't Audi take a stab @ conquering Dakar since it's whaled on
everything else already???
2)  Heh, the camera car for many of the shots in Victory by Design is a C4
chassis Euro 100 Avant...  sweet.

-P maybe Speedvision ISN'T dead? K.

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