[s-cars] TRX Wheel/tire

c cohen ccohen5 at compuserve.com
Sun Dec 21 08:27:14 EST 2003

I bought some wheels earlier this year which with the help of the lists I have discovered are definitely metric or TRX sized.  They have the Audi 5 x 112 bolt pattern with the rounded bolt seat (not the cone) and have the 5 spoke star pattern that was used on the competition SQ.  Diameter is 390 mm and offset seems to be about 15 or slightly more than the SQ which is 10 but much less than the Urq which tends to be in the 30s.

Some have mentioned that Audis were fitted with TRX tires at some point but I have not seen any printed reference to this. When and which cars?  I had a non US M5 in the early 80s which had these Michelin exclusive tires but I never saw them offered on any of My Audis around this period.

Michelin still make the tires which cost the same as SO3s landed in the US which I suppose is not all that bad as compared with say 60s size Ferrari GTO tires so I might get these wheels to fit with a 2 mm spacer up front.  But these are not SQ wheels.  They are very light though.


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