[s-cars] Quattro weather!

Vincent Frégeac vfregeac at sympatico.ca
Tue Dec 23 18:53:42 EST 2003

Quattro weather? Quattro weather?

Does it sounds like 4 feet of snow in one week?

Or like a first day driving in a feet of deep light snow, a real
delight, especially in the rear mirror, or side mirrors, or side
windows, finally anywhere around the car.

Or a second and day on hard packed snow, forgetting the rear mirror,
mainly because of the much faster pace.

May be it's like a third day on a mix of asphalt, hard packed snow and
ice, about an equal share of each, to make sure you keep your two hands
on the wheel and your heart pumping.

Does it need to include a fourth day in 3-4" of heavy wet snow, enjoying
the raw power of the I5T when a bit of over steering is required to
complete the curve.

And what about a fifth day, back on hard packed snow with some long icy
surprises, to keep the adrenaline pumping.

But it wouldn't be complete with a third layer of heavy snow, covering
the icy surprises, so it's your heart you hear pumping again.

Then, your preferred cocktail again, asphalt, snow and ice. But now, you
start to be really comfortable sliding in low speed curves.

Did I mentioned my daily commute lasts 40 miles of deserted country
roads where you barely encounter 10 cars in 50 minutes?

Now, back to our regular program. SUV weather. Wet asphalt in between
two 4-6 feet snow banks so SUV driver can say they were speeding in
(between) snow.

Sorry if your salivate stained your shirt.
No, Paul, I said "salivate" and I said "shirt".

'96 urS6 finally boring on asphalt

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Snow has finally arrived here in the mountains of southern WV.  My
love it and so do I!

Wednesday my wife and I drove from DC to Oglebay Resort at Wheeling, WV
a couple of days of what I will euphemistically call R&R and then Friday
came on home.  The entire trip involved what most would regard as nasty 
weather.  Rain at first on Wednesday followed by snow and snow covered 
roads for the rest of the trip.  The quattro handles those conditions
ease.  I was able to comfortably (and perfectly under control) cruise at

speeds at least 15 mph above that of mere cars and 4 by 4's.  The main 
caution is to watch the traffic and conditions far enough ahead in order
permit action appropriate for the "then current laws of physics".  :-)
lowered coefficient of friction requires a greater stopping distance.

This morning I look out to see at least 6-8 inches of new overnight 
snow.  Let's go quattroing!


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