[s-cars] Powes steering woes

Bob DG bobs6 at msn.com
Fri Dec 26 12:41:45 EST 2003

OK, now it's the steering... Geezzz!

Start the car, steering feels like the varioassist is not working (I still 
have it plugged in). Power steering is definitely working, but it's just 
more difficult than usual.

Fluid in the resivor, no major leaks- but it did manage to "spurt" a bit on 
the ground. I could not get any more to leak out, turning from lock to 

Drove around the block, varioassist starts working again, no leaking- at 

I'm thinking that something got plugged momentarily, caused a pressure 
spike, some fluid made it past a seal. FYI I did change the PS hose from 
pump to accumulator- I did clean the filters on the hardware...


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