[s-cars] No Start situation

Brent Henry thehenrys at sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 1 22:43:08 EST 2003

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Earlier this evening I went out to my son's hockey game and the car was run=
ning great.  I stopped at a neighbours house and backed my car into his dri=
veway - about an hour later I came out to drive home and the car started...=
 but just barely... it idled very rough & slow -- less then 400rpm and it h=
ad a hard time keeping running.  The gas pedal seemed to have no effect... =
it would not increase the idle speed.  After about 20 seconds of stumbling =
along the engine eventually stalled.  I tried to restart it a few times, bu=
t the same situation occured.

Noted a smell of unburned gasoline directly from the tailpipe.

Checked for a broken wire or bad connection, but did not see anything that =
was abnormal.  Eventually it would not start at all.  So a group of us push=
ed the car down the street (fortunately it was downhill to my house -- 2 do=
ors away!).

I attempted to dump the DTC's with the VAG-COM... however, no DTC's were fo=
und?  Well, there was the G128 - Engine Speed sensor DTC, but I understand =
that code comes up any time you dump the codes without the engine running! =
 And I doubt a failed Engine Speed sensor would cause this situation?  Am I=
 right about that?

I read on Scott Mockery's site that you could get the ECU to dump a DTC by =
turning the engine over with the starter for around 5 seconds!  So I tried =
that -- but still no DTC's?

Any ideas what this might be or a suggested order of diagnosis.  I guess th=
e first thing, (since we can smell gas - fuel pump is probably working), is=
 to check that there is spark to the plugs!  Then remove a plug to see if i=
t's wet with gas?  Where from there?

Thanks in advance,
'92 Black S4

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