[s-cars] Gauge face questions

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I don't have the answer for you, but pleeeeeeeeeeassse make sure the boost
gauge goes to 30psi if you do proceed.

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I am considering making a gauge face to replace the black with white
characters one on my VDO 150 121. I would like to find some amber or red
plastic sheet, then get a light grey face screened onto it, so it will look
stock, day and night. Dave Forgie and Mance were working on it
http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/s-car-list/files/Photos/Boost5.jpg, but
found more rewarding pursuits.  I'll have to admit my Sgt Schulz position
here, "I know NUSSINK!" I'd like to pick up where they left off.

What I'm looking for is guidance on
1) What kind of transculcent colored plastic sheet to look for,
2) What kind of printing process to consider.

-Ian Duff.

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