DSY in UrS4 vs. UrS6, was RE: [s-cars] Temp & Trans Question

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Per what was written up on Charlie's site, there was some machining that
needed to be done in order to fit a DSY into an UrS.

I'd love to put a 6-speed 01E in my car, but it's too much work, I
with the clutch and flywheel differences and possible reworking


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Subject: DSY in UrS4 vs. UrS6, was RE: [s-cars] Temp & Trans Question

Taka suggested
"Apparently there is some modification required to the tailpiece of the
transmission in order for it to mount to an UrS."

Taka, Do you have more data on that?

For UrS4/S6, it's my understanding tailpeice modifications are only
needed if the 6-speed is a  CGR/CRB transmission from a S2 or RS2.

For UrS4 (NOT the UrS6) , the later S4tt transmissions (and most post 95
transmissions), however, I beleive will require centerbox modifications,
since they have the 211C center section, which does not have the
appropriate bosses to mount the UrS4 Procon10 brackets.  Only the 211B
center section has these bosses, and it is not a cheap part.

The other option is to ditch the UrS4 Procon 10 system alltogether.

Elijah, what did you do with your Procon-10 Cables and Bracket??  If I
recall, you have a 94 S4, right?

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