[s-cars] My 93 S4 for sale?

jeff posto jpostup at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 5 13:11:11 EST 2003

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Bruce!  whoah..

I might suggest a basis of the pricepoint for Mance's car..last year. Prett=
y tricked out I can't recall the end-sell price.23K?   It's tough to nail a=
 pricepoint for a modified car by conventional means. Value is 'perception'=
 to a motivated buyer. I like Red, and if I were in the market, that new 'w=
et' paint would be a magnet, and the drive would be the sinker. Let the hag=
gling start.  (But I was the odd ball lone Red car at S-Fest., although in =
good company with Mr Bill M)
Definitely in the '20's K range as an opener.  Hard to imagine high 20's fr=
om a market perception view.
I'm interested in the list opinion, as I called Hap's KC referral, and '94 =
that is a jewel even at $19K.
Beware, Taka will insist on knowing why, what's next. something near the Mu=
rcielago.?? Surely NOT neon slammed boom car Ricer's  But I digress.
Jeff Posto
 Bruce Mendel <brucem105 at comcast.net> wrote:This is a multi-part message in=
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Hey everyone, I may be in a position where I am going to sell my beloved 93=

I'm curious as to what I should be looking to get for it. Basics are:

1=2E 1993 S4, Canadian (speedo in KMs), 104K miles (170KMs)

2=2E New red paint done in a high-end way, all glass and trim removed, clea=
rcoat, etc.

3=2E No bodywork ever

4=2E All maintenance done (recent timing belt, fluids, plugs, PSOs, etc.). =
all interior functions work properly

5=2E RS2 upgrades including turbo, MAF, injectors, EM, K&N, full Samcos, et=

6=2E Full Stromung exhaust

7=2E 2001 S4 take-off wheels with KDWS winter tires and AVS Intermediate su=
mmer tires (60% left on AVS, KDWS are new)

8=2E Extra set of Mille Miglia M11-2 17x8 with Kumho Victoracers

9=2E Porsche "big red" 996tt monobloc calipers up front, Porsche street pad=
s, Castrol SRF fluid, drilled rear Zimmermans, the Mov'it kit

10. "Little" upgrades like HIDs with Euros, high wattage bulbs, variable in=
termittent wiper relay, etc.

11. A list a mile long of repairs, upgrades, and maintenance, including thi=
ngs like new AC system, thermostat, brake bomb, e-brake and rear caliper, t=
rans replaced with 5-speed by PO to cure pinion whine, bushings, cd-changer=
 and Bose amps, basically everything that either wears out or is weak to be=
gin with has been replaced with OEM or better parts

12. Pay-as-you-go extended warranty covering all major components and lots =
of other important stuff (Accel) for $94 a month, stop at any time if you d=
o not think it is worth it (you won't!)

Runs right, drives right, fast, reliable now that I have replaced everythin=
g, between mods, maintenance, and repair I have put ~$25K into the car afte=
r I bought it!

Want to see her go to lister or someone that can both appreciate and pay fo=
r the upgrades that have been done.

Any idea what she's worth?


93 S4 (not sure how much longer)
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