[s-cars] RX for Windshield Washers

Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Thu Feb 6 09:29:35 EST 2003

I'll respond seriously to what I suspect is a joke....


Water has a solid state at 32F/0C wherein it flows very poorly.  If
other chemicals are added, this temperature can be lowered.  In your
case it seems, not far enough.  Try GM Optikleen, 1 qt Optikleen to 2
qts of water. That should get you down to 0F.  Be sure to squirt out
enough of the old stuff first to not affect the dilution.


"Fifield, Douglas" wrote:
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> Oh Great and Powerful List,
> I need clues on how to debug intermittent windshield washer system function.
> Here's the deal:
> Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't.  When it works, both the windshield
> and the lights spray.  When it don't, neither spray.  Seems to work when
> outside temp is warmer (in Minnesota, that means above 20 deg F).  After
> sitting in the garage all night, they fire up OK, then fifteen minutes later
> (at freeway speeds and ambient temps around -12 deg F) nada.  I had to open
> the moon roof and squirt windshield with a water bottle to clear road gunk.
> So, is it frozen nozzles or an electrical connection problem?  If it is
> nozzles, why wouldn't the headlight squirters work?  Any BTDT's on this?
> TIA,
> Douglas in MN
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