[s-cars] Re: Installing and external fuel pump?

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Thu Feb 6 20:38:46 EST 2003

Trevor, not sure exactly how you'd do it with the mechanics of the S4 fuel tank, but I definitley recommend either of the pumps below, I'm considering the SX pump just becuase I've had really good luck with their regulators.  It should be ok to feed the second pump with the in tank pump, it would result in some potentially very high pressures though.  2Bennett has an upgrade pump I've heard them offer, not sure what it is though.

Some cars I've seen use a low pressure carb. pump to get the gas out of the tank to the external high pressure pump, maybe something like that might work for you?


>Anyone have any info on doing this, recommendations. I was looking at
>either SX or Aeromotive, or does bosh have a drop in unit that has more
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