[s-cars] Reliability

RGuzz rguzz at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 10 23:26:55 EST 2003

Okay, a general question...are there thought to be differences in
reliability between S-car models, and years?
I am aware of the transmission issues with the early models. My 94 S4
has been rock reliable for the last 20k miles, now at 78k, and records
from the po suggest little in the way of major repairs before that. Just
thorough maintenance.  Seems like, from the list, more trouble from the
S6's? Obviously, winter belt cars take more of a beating, certainly.
But is there a sense that there was a "good" year for these cars, like
'73 was for the 2002, or '68 for the Bug?
Perhaps not enough time has passed to say.

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