[s-cars] Bi-xenon outfit for H4 (NAC)

Pram pramtt at pacbell.net
Tue Feb 11 08:49:10 EST 2003


While working on a HID set-up for my motorcycle (originally using H9
halogen bulb), I got a chance to play with a new HID retrofit kit for H4
bulb.  This new set-up is using HID bulb in which the bulb itself will
slide forward and aft using a small electric motor to match the focal
length of the twin filaments bulb.   The bulb also have the H4 standard
mounting base and the wiring to connect to the stock H4 connection.  It
is a pretty trick set-up for $525/pair.  Actually, I might just buy them
for the H4 using Honda Van.

I was going to fit this bulb to my Triumph twin H4 headlights but the
size of the base on the back of this conversion bulb will not allow me
to fit them into the tiny stock H4 housing on my MC.

So if any of you guys are looking for a bi-xenon HID outfit, there is
this kit available already.


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