[s-cars] Thermal properties of anodizing Aluminum

mlp qwest mlped at qwest.net
Wed Feb 12 11:10:47 EST 2003

Anyone on the list have any particular knowledge or expertise on the thermal
effects of anodizing aluminum?

I gather there are at least three (3) major types or subcategories
anodizing, sometimes described or referred to as:

1.	Type 1 - "Chromic Acid" ~> usually leaves very thin deposit

2.	Type 2 - "Sulfuric Acid" ~>  ditto

3.	Type III aka "Hard Coating" ~> a much thicker process, which can be done
in a way to add  very different characteristics to aluminum.  Type III
anodizing can, and is used to significantly inhibit aluminums otherwise high
thermal heat exchange capabilities, as for example in coating aluminum
pistons to reject heat etc.

Anyone know how processes 1 or 2 affect aluminums heat transfer
I'd like to know what, if any kinds of anodizing are done to ENHANCE heat
transfer either by conductivity, or for convection transfer purposes.

Mikee "Wondering if there could be a Purple Anodized Radiator in some one's
future" P.

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