[s-cars] Paul K. -

Ken Ng ken_ng11 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 19 20:13:52 EST 2003

Paul K,

Just wanted to thank you for offering me your used
rear rotors and pads... wish i could have used them
but the mechanic wouldn't install them... and
apologies for not sticking around to install the big

in the end i made it NYC in about 4.5hours... not bad
considering the snow and stupid drivers... it was a
blast driving down the highway in a foot and a half of
snow doing 75mpg in some sections... quattro is
unbelievable... had a grand cherokee following me for
about 10 miles but he gave up at about 60mph.. despite
the weather i never felt that i was without control of
the car.. i'm still smiling....

anyhow, hope you managed to get out on Monday aft and
have some fun...


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