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I must have something a bit off on the car.  I'll do some checking.  How do
I check the O2 sensor and whatever else I should be looking at?  Thx.

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Hey Hey, on my last trip to/from Wilmington, NC... I
live in Massachusetts. Do this trip twice yearly BTW.
I averaged 25mpg in the summer, with summer tires and
no roof rack. My car is chipped also. I was pleasantly
Now the bad news.
Winter time:With my skinny snow tires, gigantic
fiberglass ski box (coffin) on the roof, and cold
weather. I usually get 20mpg highway(over 65mph) and
18mpg city
Summer time: With 3 place bike rack, 1 tandem and 3
kids bikes, and wider summer tires I get the same as
Moral to story. Drive your car with nothing on the
roof, warm weather, stock size tires, and your mpg
should be mid 20's on the highway.

My $.02

Mike P.
95.5 S6 avant, 114k (with many high mile road trips)
75 911 Carrera Targa (25mpg sometimes, 7 mpg on track)
74 914 2.0 (who cares, odometer busted)

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Over the past 36 hours I had to drive to Wilmington,
NC and back on
business.  The drive down was just that:  mostly
downhill the whole way
so I
didn't calculate mileage.  The return trip (mostly
uphill) yielded
MPG!  Is that what normally happens when you put the
cruise on 74 mph
leave it?!?  I'm used to 20 mpg or less because of my
heavy foot/city
driving combo.  Other than that, an uneventful
trip--just wanted to

Chad Hall
'95 S6

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