[s-cars] Nurburgring - 2003.......

Airbil at aol.com Airbil at aol.com
Wed Jan 1 23:53:55 EST 2003

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this is by far and away the sickess thing that PK could dream up ...
Put me down for a definite maybe as I think I could go to Ofarrells a couple
O times for what this might cost.   With better weather.
Plus I have a real problem with pizza delivery trucks.
Now if there are going to be "umbrella girls" there for the motorcyles of
course Im in for that:)
Now ya know krasusky / kowasaki ..... very similar.
OK if we're goin on this... whos in charge?
Who is babysitter?
Immigration counsel?
and who will get us out of the turkish prison we are sure to wind up in?
Bill M
thinkin motorcles n stuff

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